What is
Topical Authority?

Topical authority is one of the most important factors for ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), and it's essential for businesses that want to dominate their industry or niche.

What is Topical Authority in SEO?

In SEO, topical authority is the measure of a site's expertise and depth of content on a given subject.

How Does Topical Authority Work?

Topic relevance is how relevant a website is to a specific topic. Topic prominence is how popular a website is for a particular topic. Google's algorithm uses both to create a topical authority score for each website.

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Why Is Topical Authority Important?

Topical authority is a critical ranking factor for search results.

Ahrefs ranks it as the 3rd
most important factor!

Since high topical authority helps websites earn more visibility in the SERPs, it naturally leads to more clicks from search results. Higher traffic leads to increased leads and more sales.

Why Links are Important in Establishing
Topical Authority

The more high-quality, relevant inbound links you have, the higher your topical authority score.

How Can You Measure Your Topical Authority?

You can use SEO tools to measure your topical authority and track your progress over time.

How Can You Build Topical Authority?

There are a few ways to build topical authority. The most effective is through a topic cluster strategy.

Building topical authority takes time and effort, but it's well worth it. By following these tips, you can ensure that Google sees your website as an authority on important topics in your business and industry.

Experts in Building Topical Authority

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